Reward Points

While shopping on the Pam Ball Unlimited shop you will notice that some products have reward points.  These reward points will be awarded to your account upon chekcout of your items which have reward points. As you shop on the PBU shop your reward points will add up and on future purchases you can use these reward points to purchase more products.

Ex. If you purchase 5 months of the RFTS Toddler curriculum you will earn a total of 10 points (2 points per month) and be able to redeem those 10 points for a FREE month of RFTS Curriculum.

Reward points can be used to purchase any item which has Reward points attached to it. Generally reward points are awarded at a rate of 1 point for every $5.

To redeem points you simply place the item or items in your cart and upon checkout you will be asked if you would like to use your reward points. During checkout you will be shown how many reward points are in your account and how many eligible reward points which may be used for the current purchase.

Reward points have no cash value and in the event of a refund reward points earned on the refunded purchase will also be manually removed. If you have any questions about reward points please do not hesitate to contact me.